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Lowry has carefully preserved the best aspects of a traditional, city neighborhood, while creating a new urban environment — distinguished by open spaces and great park areas, small shops and centers, state-of-the-art educational facilities and more.

Town Center District

At Lowry’s historic core, the Town Center District features shopping, restaurants, offices, parks, recreation, schools, cultural attractions, landmarks, public art, and new and historic homes. Old architecture blends with new designs from Denver’s best architects. It offers an upscale, urban lifestyle in a truly unique place within the Lowry redevelopment. It is bounded by the Sixth Avenue Parkway, Quebec Street, Lowry Boulevard and Uinta Way.

Northwest Neighborhood

This is no cookie-cutter community! With an architectural diversity not commonly found in modern developments, the Northwest Neighborhood mixes it up with Denver’s best homebuilders. Single-family homes, custom homes, patio homes, townhomes, apartments, and affordable living options come together to create a community like no other. This neighborhood is north of the grand Sixth Avenue Parkway and east of Quebec Street, centering on the landmark Crescent Park.

Southwest Neighborhood

At Alameda Avenue and Quebec Street, the Southwest Neighborhood might feel familiar. That’s because the urban architecture and tree-lined streets found here are reminiscent of classic Denver neighborhoods. The site of the 1998 Parade of Homes, the neighborhood features a good mix of single-family homes, townhomes, custom and luxury apartments. Ask your realtor about resale in this area.

West Neighborhood

Once Air Force base housing, the West Neighborhood proves that you can make what’s old new again. It is a thoughtful collection of townhomes, condominiums, duplexes, affordable living and single family in an established neighborhood. Near to shopping, restaurants and schools, this neighborhood features historic renovations, a state-of-the-art library and a centerpiece neighborhood park. It is west of Quebec Street, near Second Avenue. Ask your realtor about resale in this area.

EastPark Neighborhood

Lowry’s last residential neighborhood is not traditionally designed. Street grids are replaced by winding streets lined with trees. The community has access to more than 500 acres of nearby parks and recreational areas, including the playing fields of the Sports Complex, Big Bear Ice Arena, Westerly Creek Dam and Creek, and Mira Vista Golf Course. And, with a high point of 5,400 feet, EastPark enjoys some of Lowry’s best views of downtown and the Front Range mountains. The neighborhood will have approximately 600 homes, including condos, townhomes, patio homes, single family and custom, at a variety of prices.